Speaker Details: Nicole McGee

Nicole McGee

Director and co-founder, Upcycle Parts Shop

Nicole McGee is Artistic Director and co-founder of Upcycle Parts Shop, a social enterprise co-founded in 2014 in Cleveland Ohio. Nicole has an undergraduate degree in advertising/public relations from Penn State University and a master’s degree in sociology from Cleveland State University. After 10 years in Cleveland’s non-profit sector in roles as community organizer, grant writer, fundraiser, and communications director, Nicole founded Plenty Underfoot llc, a creative small business for which she was a Bad Girl Ventures finalist in 2012 and featured as one of Cleveland Magazine’s most interesting people in 2013. If you’ve dined in any of Aladdin’s Eateries 40 locations across 5 states, you’ve seen her upcycled centerpieces. The shift from small creative business into creative social enterprise came from a deep interest in expanding the opportunities of creative reuse to more people, especially low income communities that are often left out of creative economies. This neighborhood-based vision received funding from ArtPlace America in collaboration with St. Clair Superior Community Development Corporation in 2014. A colorful storefront at 6419 St. Clair Avenue, Upcycle Parts Shop is now a team of 7 who work to provoke creativity and promote community through reuse.