Speaker Details: Mike Fackler

Mike Fackler

Sustainability Student, Ohio State University

Mike is an incoming 4th year student at The Ohio State University studying sustainability and business. He is a Cincinnati native and has been active in the sustainability circles of Cincinnati since his junior year of high school when he joined the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council to serve as the food waste specialist. Since high school, Mike has had multiple internships in the sustainability realm including Macy’s, Ashland, and Loreal. At Loreal, he currently serves as a sustainable supply chain intern assisting in promoting reuse or recycling of products at the end of their life cycle. In addition to corporate internships, Mike founded a technology company for curbside composting and is currently working with 3 friends on a new technology startup for food donation called Wasted Opportunities. Wasted Opportunities has succeeded in raising $50,000 in venture capital to build the platform. Mike graduates in December of 2019 and is interested in corporate positions in procurement, sales/marketing, and supply chain.