Speaker Details: John Reinhardt

John Reinhardt

Owner, Reinhardt Farms

John Reinhardt took over leadership of the family farm in Okeana, Ohio in 1985. The operation consisted of farming 500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay along with cattle, and in 1999 it shifted to solely concentrate on raising beef cattle. Management improvements include rotational grazing, artificial breeding and embryo transplanting, and the use of byproducts such as wet brewers grain has always been a part of the feed ration. In August 2014, John partnered with MadTree Brewery to pick up their spent grain, helping Reinhardt Beef Farms grow and raise more pounds of beef on less acreage. With the help of MadTree and other local breweries, they have been able to continue farming even as urbanization has progressed to Okeana.