Featured Lunchtime Program: Cincinnati Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Sustainability Awards

Mayor John Cranley and the Department of Economic Inclusion continue efforts to recognize the outstanding contributions of small and large businesses that are advancing sustainability in the City of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati region. Each year, at the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit, we celebrate people and companies that demonstrate unique vision, innovation and achievement in support of the Green Cincinnati Plan,  and inclusion of the City’s small business community in Greater Cincinnati’s regional economy.

Certificates of Sustainability Commendation

This Certificate, signed by the Mayor of Cincinnati, John Cranley, recognizes small and diverse businesses that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in advancing a culture of sustainability in their business, their community and throughout the region. By leading in sustainability practices, these companies are making a difference to create lasting change. Their continued support of the Green Cincinnati Plan exemplifies leadership in environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic development that is worthy of recognition.

Certificates Awarded To: Van Dells, LLC; The Royal Maids Janitorial Solutions, LLC; Fountain Landscaping, LLC; Eastern Personnel Services, Inc.; Evolution Creative Solutions, LLC ; Cleaning Solutions Specialists, LLC; Green City EcoStruction LLC; Battle Axe Construction, LLC; Kendall’s Janitorial Services; Gardening With A Spirit; Glovon & Glovon Engineering Consulting; National Access Design, LLC; MEmello Services; Above All Landscaping; Chopping It Up All Around, LLC; LANDsds (Land Commercial Construction, LLC); Environmental Technologies & Communications, Inc.; Williams Creek Consulting, Inc.; Millennium Group ll, LLC; Shrewsberry & Associates, LLC; Market Direct, LLC; Journey Steel, Inc.; Tru Construction Services, LLC; Diversified Facilities Solutions, LLC; Wright Choice Property Management, LLC; Cleaning Management Services, LLC; Spirit Warrior Graphics; T&C Services, Inc.; Greener Stock, LLC; and Ellington Management Services, Inc.

Social Equity & Economic Inclusion Advocate of the Year

This award honors a small business or large corporation that serves as a beacon for driving inclusion, economic growth and environmental responsibility in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. Sustainability reflects both a mind-set and a values-set. The efforts of this company to make a difference through supplier development, appreciation of diversity and exceptional leadership to engage stakeholders through multiple channels serves as a business model for others to follow.

Award Winner: Ellington Management Services, Inc.

SEMS™ Certification Supplier Award of Excellence

This certification is based on an award category that recognizes a company’s ability to create enduring value by incorporating sustainable principles into day-to-day operations. The company has developed and is implementing sustainability policies and practices. Additionally, a sustainability audit has been conducted and the company has provided truthful information on a confidential basis for compilation and verification. The business shows an outstanding commitment to long-term sustainable business practices and is a  model for others.

Award Winners: Diversified Facilities Solutions, LLC; Wright Choice Property Management, LLC; Cleaning Management Services, LLC; Spirit Warrior Graphics; T&C Services, Inc.; Greener Stock, LLC; Journey Steel, Inc.; Tru Construction Service, LLC, and Green City EcoStruction, LLC

Sustainable New Business of the Year

This award recognizes a new business that has shown outstanding sustainability leadership, contributes to the advancement of sustainability with product innovation, and demonstrates a significant impact on society by contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. The company works tirelessly to integrate sustainability best practices and resource conservation into business operations. To be eligible, the company must have started to trade or been acquired between June 2014 and December 2016, and operated under its current ownership no more than 36 months during this period.

Award Winner: The Royal Maids Janitorial Solutions, LLC

Supplier Innovation of the Year

This award recognizes a small business supplier for an innovation that contributes to the advancement of sustainability and demonstrates a significant impact on society. The innovation  breaks down traditional barriers and is an example of a supplier and client relationship that delivers truly sustainable outcomes. The collaboration benefits society, the environment and the economy, or demonstrates a significant financial impact at the business or social level.

Award Winner: Evolution Creative Solutions

Emerging Sustainable Supplier of the Year

This award recognizes a small business enterprise that not only demonstrates a comprehensive sustainability effort to improve its environmental, social, and economic performance, but  also has transitioned itself to a new level of capability. The company is committed to creating green jobs, has restructured to take advantage of emerging market innovations, and is now poised for exceptional growth.

Award Winner: Market Direct, Inc.

Sustainability Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an outstanding entrepreneur who has made sustainability personal and whose contribution  to society is above and beyond the everyday. The recipient of this award has had a long lasting impact on how people think about environmental stewardship, economic prosperity and social equity, and as a result, has impacted an entire industry.

Award Winner: William Shrewsberry, President, Shewsberry & Associates, LLC

Unsung Sustainability Hero of the Year 

The credit for sustainability initiatives tend to go to high profile executives focused on ecological integrity, while grassroots efforts involved in advancing social equity to achieve sustainability often goes unnoticed. This award recognizes an individual that has worked tirelessly to foster the economic and social well-being of communities, going above and beyond the call of duty to make a significant impact on economic development.

Award Winner: Angelita Moreno-Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Personnel Services, Inc.

SEMS™ Certified Sustainability Leadership Award

This award recognizes the leadership of a SEMS™ Certified business that has embraced a philosophy of “if not now, when? And if not me, who?” The company demonstrates outstanding leadership and creativity in addressing issues of environmental, societal and economic responsibility. A sustainability leader sees beyond the short-term and is positioned to contribute to a more sustainable future for the region in the long-term.

Award Winner: Millennium Group II